Technical Information

Photo Equipment

The photos on this site are taken with a variety of cameras. Most of the images are taken with a Canon EOS-50 with 20-35mm, 28-105mm, 100-300mm and 90mm macro lenses. Recently, most of my work has all been digital using a Canon G3 and Canon 300D (which means all the existing lenses can be used). I used to use Fuji Velvia pretty much all the time, but swapped over to Kodak Ectachrome Extra-Colour after seeing the results side by side with Velvia and finding it hard to pick too much difference (Velvia still gives better green/blue saturation). With using slow film, it is essential to take a tripod along. I have a Velbron tripod which manages to add a bit of weight to the pack. For filters, I use polariser and UV pretty much most of the time, unless I'm doing macro or the light levels are low.

Computer Hardware

Scanning is down on a Nikon CoolScan III from slide or negative and corrected in Photoshop. I try to keep the amount of touching up to a minimal level. The most important thing for me is to try to get the correct colour balance.

Web Site

This site is based on my Australian Wilderness Photo Gallery.

All of the CGI scripts on this site (apart from the guestbook) we written by me. I'm a great believer in reusing code, but when I first started to look around a slideshow CGI programs, there was nothing around to do what I wanted. The only way to solve this was to write my own. Thus Slideviewer.cgi came into existence and has been constantly developed.
The same thing also applied to postcard CGI programs, so I ended up writing my own. The good thing about Postcard Direct is that I was able to reuse some of the code and concepts from the slideviewer CGI.

The editor of choice for writing HTML is vi. Occasionally I might use FrontPage to play around with colours, fonts and tables, but I still prefer handwritten pages.


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