Snow Gallery

This gallery has a collection of pictures taken from a number of ski trips and winter scenes taken mainly in the Kosciuszko National Park in NSW.

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Skiing Mt Townsend

Our American friend was introduced to the delights of Australian skiing.

Kate's Style

Kate, the ultimate ski junkie showing her style near Alice Rawson Peak.

Floating Above Blue Lake

It looks like we could be floating above clouds.

Dwarfed by Blue Lake

When you ski across the lake you appreciate the grandness.

Perfect Turns

A satisfying sight! (Sadly I can't claim authorship)

Watson's Craggs

The Craggs are known for their wonderful cornices.

Mt Tate

Moody looking Mt Tate towards the end of a long day trip.

Ice Formations

I liked the texture formed on Guthega Dam.

Rear side of Ramshead

Looking into the source of Leatherbarrel Creek.

Ice Encrusted Rocks

Wind and ice blasted rocks near Mt Kosciusko.

Lone Skier

Yes, there is someone skiing in there on the slopes of Mt Kosciusko.

View to Victoria

Right at the edge of the Main Range looking south.

Collapsed Cornice

A minor heat wave in August 1995 made most cornices collapse.

Sentinal Peak

On top of the peak after a thigh deep wade through the soft snow.

Coming down the Sentinal

What goes up, must come down.

Ramshead in Deep Snow

Just below Ramshead after a storm.

Skiing Dead Horse Gap

Making the first tracks after the storm.

Alien Fingers

The errie finger reach down to grab you!

Schlink Pass

No prizes for guessing the height of the pass.

Immobile Mobile

There are some places even a Peugot has trouble getting to.

Fresh Snow

Nothing can be more beautiful than to be out sking when the weather clears after a snowstorm.

Corin Forest

Early morning with the fresh snow covering the vegetation.

Snow Plastered Rock

Snow splattered rock from the high winds. Brrrr!

Ice Encrusted Pole

I think there's enough ice for a Martini