Australian Backcountry Ski Gallery

These pictures chronical a five day ski trip in the Jagungal area of the Snowy Mountains in August 1996. We couldn't have picked our timing any better as we started at the tail end of two weeks of almost continual snow falls. The trees were plastered with fresh snow and icicles and all the slopes so pristine and smooth.

The route we took was:

Day 1 - Started from Munyang Power Station and made it to the Schlink Hilton in very slow fresh deep snow.
Day 2 - Weather cleared and we went to Grey Mare hut with lunch at Valentines Hut.
Day 3 - Day trip from Grey Mare Hut to Pretty Plain Hut.
Day 4 - Got to the top of Jagungal for lunch and then headed to Mawson's Hut.
Day 5 - Ski out over the Kerries and back to Munyang.

Here is some background information for International visitors

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Munyang Power Station

The start of the trip at Munyang Power Station in fresh snow.

Disappointment Spur Hut

Anything but a disappointment!

In Transit

On the way to Valentines Hut.

Valentines Hut

Lunch at my favourite Hut in the Snowy Mountains. It's so romantic, it even has love hearts in the toilet!

Valentines River

Has to be the best view from any toilet in the world.

Grey Mare Hut

Our cosy home for two days. It is an old miners hut with the toilet above an old shaft.

Pretty Plain Hut

The only log cabin in the Snowy Mountains. Not often skiable as it is quite low at only 1300m.

Breakfast at Grey Mare Hut

The most idealic breakfast spot on a perfect morning.

Early Morning at Grey Mare Hut

Looking out to destination for the day - Jagungal (panorama shot).

River Crossing

Even though there was plenty of snow, it fell in a short time and most of the rivers were open.

Ascending Jagungal

The long climb up Mt Jagungal, but look at the wide open slopes.

Top of Jagungal

Group shot on the top with Watsons Crags in the background.

Icy Formations on Jagungal

Wind sculptured formations on the top of Jagungal.

Telemarking down Jagungal

Look at that style. Look at the grace. What a wonderful turn.

Mawson's Hut

The only hut we didn't stay in. Note that it has the window on the side the snow banks up.

Collecting Water

There's water down there somewhere. Let's keep digging.