Australian Huts Gallery

My memory is not the best at times, so if you detect any mistakes, please contact me.

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Seaman's Hut

A welcome site in a blizzard.

Cootapatamba Hut

One of the smallest huts. Sleeps six if you have two vertical in the shaft.

Tin Hut

Built for the purpose of ski touring. Toilet is usually buried in winter.

Valentine's Hut

One of the cosiest huts in the mountains.

Valentine's Hut Toilet

The view was so pretty, I didn't want to come out.

Adam's Hut

Still used as a working hut in the summertime.

Grey Mare Hut

An old miners hut with the toilet above a shaft.

Pretty Plain Hut

The only log cabin in the Snowy Mountains.

Mawson's Hut

Large hut with plenty of rats.

O'Keefes Hut

Closest hut to Mt Jagungal.

White's River Hut

Located near Schlink Pass.

Wheeler's Hut

One of the best preserved huts in the mountains.

Bradley's Hut

Just off the highway on the way to Khancoban.

Currango Homestead

Located in the northern end of Kosciusko National park.

Oldfield's Hut

Situated at the base of Mt Bimberi.

Rolly's Hut

Wonderful hut in the Ororral Valley. Now sadly been burnt down.

Rolly's Hut

There are quite a few Rolly's Huts. This is in Rendevous Creek Valley.

Orroral Valley Homestead

A grand old homestead that has recently been restored.

Orroral Valley Homestead

View from the veranda.

Kell's Hut

Small hut near the Goobarragandra River.

Pryor's Hut

Popular hut in the ACT mountains.