A collection of photos...
This page is mostly going to be a collection of photos, so that I can post some shots to Snow-Info

Kicking Horse - Jan 2002

Lake Louise - Jan 2002

A series of photos from a fantastic trip to Mt Morgan in northern KNP

Showing off near Pounds Ck - 25 August

Telefest 2002 - Skiing Photos

Telefest 2002 - People Shots

The Main Range near Kosciuszko - 22 September 2002

This is where old shots go to die... an archive of happy snaps

Skiing around Mt Carruthers - 16 November 2002 Page 1 and Page 2

Lone Pine Gap and Mt Morgan - 21 July 2002
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So who am I?
Name: Kieran
Email: sukieran@hotmail.com
So what do I do:
- Telemark Skiing;
- Bushwalking;
- Mountain biking; and
- A little bit of partying.

I'm based in Canberra, Australia, speak a handful of languages, including Indonesian and Tetum (badly). I'm always interested in new job offers and I'm plotting to run away to join the circus.
Most of the photos on this site have been taken on an Aiptek Pencam Ultra.