Personal Details

Name: James
Lineage: Cream Burmese
Aliases: Gorgeous Ginger Possum, Little Tiger
Hobbies: Chasing my tail, sitting on humans, trying to sneak under the bed covers.


I live in a wonderful house in Wellington with my two human staff, called Pete and Inger. So far they seem to be doing a good job, so I think I'll keep them on for the moment. They appear to have got the chin tickle down to a fine art, and the certainly whip up a mean bowl of dried cat food.

I would definately have no hesitation in recommending my two human staff to other discerning cats who have very high standards, but at this stage they are locked into a long term agreement with me.

You can read a poem that A A Milne wrote about me.

Photo Gallery

One of my aims has been to teach my two staff the finer points of photography. At this stage I think they are coming on marvellously under my gifted tution. I can only expect the quality of the images to increase over time.

Anyway, enough waffle from me, my cat bowl beckons....please enjoy my picture gallery.

PS: If there are any cute females out there, please drop me a line and maybe a sizzling photo of yourself (Burmese prefered) to

Hard at work

Me, hard at work, testing the effectiveness of the heater.


After all the hard work, there's nothing better than a little snooze.


I'm tough, and I've got teeth to prove it.

Up against the wall

This is my classic side on pose that I learnt in modelling school.


I like to amuse my human staff by playing with them in the garden.


By golly, all that playing in the garden makes me sleepy.


Let's see. I might just plonk myself down here and......

In Bed

If I'm feeling generous, I let my staff sleep in my bed.

Tongue Poking

For some reason, my staff like poking their tongue at me, so I do the same.

I can't hear you

I can't hear you. I've blocked my ears!

Model of concentration

I'm concentrating very hard.