Pete and Inger's House

Our house in Wellington was a wonderful place to live while we were there. After a year and a half, we decided to move on and pursue our dream of owning land in Queenstown.
It was a very difficult decision to make as the house had a wonderful feel and character.

The house was located in Karori which is a suburb about 10 minutes from the city and is quite high up, so there were great views over the harbour and surrounding mountains. It bordered onto a nature reserve and had walking tracks in a rainforest about 200 metres up the road.

You can view some photos of our renovations here, and don't forget to read all about James the cat, who was the real owner of the house.

View from the front garden

View from the front garden

Pathway leading up from the street

View of the side garden (aka jungle)

We get some fantastic views from our bedroom window as it looks over the harbour and we see the rising sun (if we are up early enough).

See a selection of those views here.