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The magic moments captured from the walk into Clyde River Gorge to celebrate Roger's moment of maturity.

The Birthday Boy

Getting ready for the start of the epic walk.
Bugger! I forgot to bring the lounge chairs and bar fridge.
After walking around, getting lost and tempting fate with the landowners dogs and shotgun, we finally made it to the lunch spot.
Check those leeches boys. You just never know where they're going to burrow into.
Look at these guys. They've gone the Full Monty!!!
My word, they're lining up for a spanking
They've all been very naughty boys.
Sandy led us on a little short cut through the scrub to get to this waterfall. On the way back, we discovered the easy way.
On the way back, we discovered the mysterious pair of boots by the river. Spooky.
Enjoying a well earned beer and some horses doovers.
Our dynamic duo provided us with some world class entertainment.
Busy preparing for the huge feast. Sandy's wok came to the rescue for a massive stir fry.
We're starting to get into the serious part of the evening. Sandy was going crazy, the songs kept being belted out and we still had our port, zambucca marshmellows and desert wine to go.
The dancing starts in earnest. We're just pumping ourselves up for the firewalking!!
The next day. Always a chance for a side trip. This is the view from near the top of Byangee Walls (we couldn't find a route to the very top)
The man who makes Warrick Capper look like he's wearing a pair of baggies.
On the way back, but there's still plenty of opportunity to bare all to the great God of Byangee Walls.
There was a great little hill to keep us honest on the way home. Frankly we needed to burn off some of the calories we'd consumed.
Come on boys, put a bit of back into it! We're not over the hill yet (physically and metaphorically)
Let's bring the tank right down the the water. We certainly wouldn't want to disturb the couple on the other side of the bridge having their romantic moments.
Pheeewww!! Let's get that gear off. I'm sure there's another nudie bathing opportunity.
So boys. How do you feel at the end of the trip?
We've just discovered a mob of leeches down our jocks!